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Fissa general

What problems will Fissacoin solve?

The current events which are organized are currently equipped with payment methods which much transaction costs and slow in transferring solid transactions. Fissacoin comes up with an alternative in which it is possible to make payments without transaction costs what both online and offline. The speed of each transaction is 10 x faster than the regular payment methods.

What is the price of Fissacoin?

The current price is $ 0.79 US DOLLAR. After 25th of may the price can change. The last ICO period is till 25th of June '18

Is Fissacoin safe?

Yes. Fissacoin is protected by an external hosting party. All servers are separate from each other. Fissacoin has a legally valid KYC(Know Your Customer) agreement with her parties.

For technical details about the system you can personally contact us. Our changelog is also available in our e-wallet.

How can i buy Fissacoins?

You can purchase in our Fissacoins e-wallet with a minimum purchase of 20 Fissacoins. We accept the following payment methods: Visa; Credit Card; PayPal; iDEAL; Bitcoin; XRP; Litecoin; Ethereum

Voor onze Nederlandse klanten is het mogelijk om de Fissacoins aan te schaffen met iDEAL. Dit is mogelijk wanneer u een account hebt bij Paypal. U kunt in Paypal uw saldo opwaarderen met iDEAL.

Will Fissacoin be listed on exchange?

Yes! Fissacoin will be placed on an exchange after ICO. There are conversations going on, we give here more info on when end ICO is approaching.

Confirmed exchanges,
1. Tradebits Exchange

Does Fissacoin have a bounty program.

Yes! We operate a bounty program where users of our online web wallet can earn rewards when they bring in new users. More information can be found in our web wallet.

What blockchain do you use?

The block chain by Fissacoin rest currently on a scrypt algorithm on which the development team further embroiders.

The web-wallet by Fissacoin which also serves as the product is built in a symfony4 environment what is connected to a MongoDB database.

Technical data

The fissacoin team ensures that the system is up to date every day and complies with the latest security updates.

The Fissacoin system is divided into 3 groups:
1. Front-end (Website)
2. Back end (Web-wallet)
3. Hard-end (Blockchain, Seednodes)

The front-end piece is built in a CentOS environment.

The back-end piece is built in a Ubuntu environment.

The Hard-end piece is built in a Ubuntu environment.

Our servers are hosted by TransIP B.V. Netherlands.

Can i pay with my Fissacoin at a music event?

It is not possible to pay with your purchased online Fissacoins at an event. Only the Fissacoins sold through the event organiser can be used at an event.

The purchased event Fissacoins can of course be redeemed in our online wallet system.