Make the most of your event with Fissacoin.

A variety of visitor options

Fissacoin is an already used and accepted payment method at various events, but it is much more than that. Fissacoin brings you and your friends closer with a collective(Party) money account. It is possible to stay up to date about the time and location of each performance. On top of that, you will be the first to see every social feed. (when connected with the internet)

Low costs

We know how frustrating it can be for an organization to take account of internet, plastic coins and extra staff during an event. With Fissacoin this is no longer required. Fissacoin is fully available offline, it is not necessary to buy in advance and there is always a Fissacoin staff member present at your event.

Offline payment

It is often the case with many payment methods (maybe more often than not) that it requires an internet connection. This is not necessary for the purpose this product. Fissacoin found a way to send and receive easy and secure payments without internet access. Eliminating internet malfunctions or delays and yet always up-to-date. Only possible with Fissacoin.

Always up to date

Keep up with the latest developments during your event. Fissacoin Realtime will keep u informed about the latest stock of each bar or stand. Anticipate and respond accordingly to incoming orders.

ERP system

There is no more need for thousands of programs specifically intended for keeping of records concerning your events. Fissacoin has its own ERP system to manage all the information necessary before and after your event. Create an overview for your administration according European standards and regulations.

Socially responsible

Keeping your visitors busy during your event and generating a great turnover is the most difficult part when organizing an event. In response to these developments Fissacoin presents information in a consistent user-friendly format. A few easy steps. From ordering a drink at the bar up until the payment process at the pace of a traditional plastic coin.